3D Landscape Design & Visualization Software published and supported by AlphaPixel


Visual Nature Studio is widely recognized as the best terrain visualization software package available. With VNS you can model, render and animate natural and man-made environments of any size and complexity with complete photorealism. VNS creates stunning, photorealistic images and animations, from close-ups to the entire planet. Enjoy our comprehensive set of real-world tools designed for serious production and beautiful 3d terrain rendering. VNS 3 is focused on the needs of our GIS customers, Cartographers, Historians, Foresters, Land Planners, Landscape Architects, Golf Course Designers, Civil Engineers and other Natural Resource Professionals.

Scene Express is an add on to VNS 3 that allows users to export their projects for use in other programs. Explore your scene in VRML, OpenFlight, or in our own NatureView Express realtime viewer. Export scenes for composite rendering in 3D Studio Max and LightWave 3D or create web deliverable output you can view in a browser. Even create solid physical models from your terrain data with Stereolithography (STL) technology.

NatureView Express is a free, redistributable viewer for those who want to experience their landscapes, complete with trees and buildings, interactively! NatureView Express is specifically designed and optimized for the high demands of landscape visualization. Play precorded flight paths or take the controls and walk or fly through the scene with complete freedom. NatureView’s controls are easy to learn and the realism will astound you.

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