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3DNA Training Disk

3D Nature Academy Training Material CD

This product is now available only as a free download (545MB, 7-zipped).

Train yourself with 3D Nature Academy on disk!

We know budgets are tight and training and travel budgets are even tighter. That is why 3D Nature is excited to be able to offer our the materials from our hands on training session on disk. 

The cost for all of this amazing content is only $149.

This is the first time this material has been made available for VNS 3 to non-attendees of our seminars. With 132 pages of step by step instructions on a vast range of topics you can apply the materials you need to your individual project or use the sample project that is included. PDF hand-outs. projects and data used in all five days of class are on the disk. Materials include: 

Land Cover: Ground
Land Cover: Ecosystems
Land Cover: Environments
Land Cover: Snow
Land Cover: Foliage
Land Cover: Forestry
Sky, Celestial Objects, and Starfields
Earth Moving with Terraffectors™
Area Terraffectors™
Linear Terraffectors™
Render Options
Animation Applications
Scene Express and NatureView Express 
Database Editor
Data Import 
Basic Search Queries 
3D Objects 
Foliage Effect
Textures: Terminology and Concepts 
Textures: Remap Functions 
Textures within Textures 
Texture Applications
Water: Lakes & Streams 
Advanced Coordinate Systems and Projections
Render Scenarios 
Material Gradients 
Thematic Maps
Color Maps 
Forestry Wizard 
DEM Merge 
DEM Painter 
Additional Resources 
Other Handy Tools
Useful Data Resources
Importing Data Tips
Feathering Vector Ecosystems
Post Processing 
Synthetic Object Bitmap Texturing 
Panoramic Images
Cubic Panoramic Images 
External 3D Integration
Tips to Successful Foliage Object Creation
Land Cover: Environments: Key 
3D Object, Wall and Terrain Axes

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