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Legacy Software

Legacy Software Downloads

This page provides access to downloads of legacy versions and products.

For interim updates to current products, see our main Update Downloads Page.

IMPORTANT: Instructions

  1. Choose the update that you require.
  2. When prompted by your web browser, save the file into your system’s WCS directory. Do NOT save the file to your Desktop, My Documents, or other location. If the file ends up elsewhere, move it to your system’s WCS directory before proceeding with step 3.
  3. When the file finishes downloading, run it to decompress the update.
    Windows: You may be asked about replacing existing files, answer yes.
    Mac: The file is a self-extracting SIT file, and may ask you about overwriting existing files. Overwrite existing files.

Windows: Intel/AMD X86


DEC Alpha

PowerMac OS9

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