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Why Buy 3DN?

What's special about your company and products?

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer support and service. We work hard to make sure that our current and future customers receive the best we can possibly offer. After all, we have a 23 year track record behind us from which we have learned how important good customer support is. So what sets us apart?

  • We do 3D Landscapes. We concentrate on it, and keep our focus on what we do best and love to do!
  • We are not a big faceless company that has no clue who you are. When you call to place an order or get assistance with a project chances are excellent that the person you spoke to last time will be available to assist you again.
  • We are accountable. We are not a company where everyone points the finger at someone else when things go wrong. We identify problems and find solutions.
  • We speak plain English (American English, anyway). We don’t have Mission Statements and Core Values to tell you about, and we don’t Implement Global Synergy Strategies to Build Value Propositions. We just do our job, and do it well.
  • We deliver tested and useable software. We acknowledge bugs quickly and get them fixed when they do occur.
  • We continue to develop and support our products – we are not out of business, on the brink of going out of business or thinking about selling our company to someone who will not support these products.
  • We are accessible. We can be reached by email or phone when problems arise. We do not have a phone answering system designed to lose you and your concerns in an endless maze of time-wasting branches. One button to get you headed in the right direction and you are there.
  • We have a user community that helps each other answer questions, and shares tips, advice and ready-to-use components around the world and around the clock!
    “VNS has by far the best support group I have ever encountered. Lightwave is pretty good but not nearly as timely or dependable.
    I can’t thank you enough for always being there when we need you.” Tom Watson, GeoDataScape Inc.
  • We create and give away a great deal of free ready-to-use content for our user base, Components, Tutorials, etc.
  • Our WCS/VNS programming staff has an average of more than 25 years programming experience.
  • We have documentation. Good documentation. Books, online help and video tutorials.
  • We offer a lot of features in each upgrade cycle – great bang for your buck.
  • We offer point releases free of charge which contain bug fixes and more features. We do not force users to pay for upgrades to receive bug fixes.
  • We have tech support. Real people, who know the program, and answer within a reasonable amount of time.
  • We have top-notch training available from experienced experts, who really teach and work with students, not just pre-written outlines, workbooks and powerpoint slides.
  • We try to provide flexible licensing (additional seats and reasonable priced upgrades). We use as non-disruptive of license technology as possible. Hardware keys allow you to use as many simultaneous seats as you own on whatever machines you have without worrying about networks, license managers, and/or installing and uninstalling licenses to switch between machines. Just plug the key into the machine and go.
  • We provide Render Engines and network rendering to allow you to use unlicensed machines for brute rendering power.
  • We recycle packing peanuts. Seriously. We have not purchased packing material in this Millenium.
  • We recycle computers. Every retired computer leaving our company is refurbished and reused by someone else.
  • We have reduced our product’s ecological footprint, and always strive to use recycled and recyclable materials.
  • We continue to make our products more user friendly while at the same time expanding the programs’ capabilities and making them more flexible.
  • We have a well-stocked company candy drawer. Ask to sample it if you visit us.
  • Anyone in our Sales or Technical office would be happy to communicate with you via telephone or e-mail. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.
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