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Hardware key troubleshooting procedure.

First, make sure you're really using a 3D Nature hardware key. Don't laugh, it happens.

Second, make sure you are running the latest version of the software. The latest version of WCS/VNS should work with the latest version of the hardware key drivers. Mixing older versions of either may or may not work, so it is best to ensure both are current.

Visit http://www.setupmykey.com and download the latest driver kit for your OS, as well as the Sentinel Medic utility. Your key is a Sentinel SuperPro.

Install the drivers and reboot the system. Check once again to see if the problem is resolved.

If not, ensure the port you are plugging it into is believed to work. If it's USB, try all of your USB ports to see if it makes any difference. Do other USB or parallel devices work when plugged into the same port? If not, you may have a computer hardware problem or the port could be disabled in the BIOS or inoperative due to a driver problem. USB keys should light up their green light when plugged in.

If it still isn't working, Run the Medic tool, and have it search for any SuperPro keys. If it still does not find the key, your key may have failed, or your computer may just be unable to work with the key. Try the process on a different computer, if possible, to determine if you are facing a key failure or computer problem.

If the Medic finds the key, but WCS/VNS won't run, check the error message. If the error says something about not being authorized, it means the key IS being found, but it needs authorization from 3D Nature.

If the key still doesn't work, Contact Support and let us know the results of all the steps you went through here, and we can determine the proper next step.

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