What is World Construction Set 6?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a rendering or animation may be the key to securing a new client or a big contract. Customers will be more likely to hire you for illustration or artistic work if your images are breathtakingly photorealistic.

3D Nature's team has taken the hard work out of creating compelling imagery and left the fun and creative part for you to do. You don't need an advanced degree to understand how to use WCS. Its users come from all walks of life. They include film makers, illustrators, artists, teachers, histrorians, and many, many others.

World Construction Set gives users the necessary tools to create real places as they are today, as they were in the past or as they may be in the future. Create museum displays that are more understandable than basic maps, making history come to life for your visitors. Make geography class fun and educational for students who will "see and feel" the content you present. Illustrate books, magazines and other publications.

You can also create lands only existant in the mind of your client. Design an amazing environment for your animated characters to reside in. Create backgrounds for your film for far less than transporting the entire cast and crew to Mars!

You can base the amount of detail in your images and animations on each project's specific needs. You can apply foliage and 3D objects such as a house or a street light, then add water features like lakes and streams. You might think the sky's the limit when it comes to the types of realistic features you can add to your scene but it isn't. You can even add celestial objects and stars for night-time visualizations. Ready-made components are included in WCS's Component Gallery that can make your work as easy as selecting the effect you want.

WCS provides many options for landscaping your scene. You can populate an entire planet with trees, plant a lush lawn or even place specific flowers. For that matter, why limit yourself to vegitation? Creater a forest of forks and spoons with a freid egg in the sky! Add lakes, roads or mountains through the use or use our landform modifying capabilities.

To see images created by the world-wide WCS community vsit our User Gallery or Gallery by Application page.

See a comprehensive list of features in WCS 6 and learn how they will drastically impact your visualization capabilities.

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