Visual Nature Studio 3 Feature of the Week

Years in the making, VNS 3 is the biggest 3D Nature upgrade ever.

With features that immediately benefit everyone from beginner to advanced users, VNS 3 is already producing great results in the projects of visualization experts around the world.

Each week our Feature of the Week will focus on one of the new cutting-edge features VNS 3 offers. This week's feature is:

Google Earth 5 Animated Cameras!

Here's a new VNS 3 feature that's so fresh it just came out of the oven today!

VNS users have always been accustomed to being able to show off their projects with carefully crafted smooth and realistic camera motion paths of any length. Fly over your scene gracefully, or swoop down into the thick of things to exhibit important details. But when exporting projects to Google Earth for public consumption something was missing -- camera motion. Now with today's release of Google Earth 5, Google Earth users can enjoy those same capabilities because VNS 3 with Scene Express already supports them!

And it couldn't be easier to use! in the Scene Express Exporter Component Editor, just choose the camera or cameras you wish to export, and VNS turns still cameras into Placemarks and Animated Cameras into Guided Tours. In Google Earth you can play the Tour, and even go back and add audio annotations to it!

All of VNS's great Google Earth KML features work with Google's new Ocean data too. Plot ship tracks, fly through the Marianas Trench, surf underwater volcanos. The sky (and sea) is the limit! Even more, VNS already supports exporting data that can be used in Google Earth's new Mars layer, just like it can be used with the existing moon planetary skin. Got a space exploration program in the works? VNS 3 is the best way to pull your data together.

Try out a basic VNS 3 Scene Express Google Earth 5 Sample KML Guided tour by choosing the "Rocky Mountain National Park Flyaround" sample KML scene.

  • Export multiple cameras in one KML/KMZ!
  • Mix animated and still viewpoints.
  • Tours include time, position and view direction.
  • Works great with Google Ocean!
  • Supports Mars and Moon too!
  • Combine camera viewpoints with all of our other KML capabilities.
  • Already available!
  • Order your VNS 3 today!