Online tutorials for older 3D Nature Products

This page hosts the video tutorials for non-current products such as VNS 2 for archival and historical purposes.
These products may be unsupported at this time.
Visit here for tutorials for our current products.

Curious about how 3D Nature's products work, and what they can do? Check out these tutorials in HTML or high-quality streaming Quicktime video form. These are the very same tutorials that come included free of charge with our products -- nothing is held back. Using the Demo Versions of our products, you can learn everything you need to know about our products and how to operate them, even before you buy!

Requirements: To view the streaming video tutorials, you will need Apple's Quicktime installed.

You also should have a fast Internet connection (DSL or Cable, 1Mb or faster recommended) in order to avoid skipping and dropouts. Not all tutorials include video versions, some are HTML-only. All tutorials offer HTML versions for users with slower Internet connections. To view the HTML versions, you only need a modern web browser -- nothing more than you're already using to view this page!

Some tutorials may refer to supporting files that are normally included on the WCS or VNS CD-ROMs. These supporting files are not always included in the Demo Version download due to their size. These optional files are also downloadable from this page should you wish to follow along exactly.

Tutorials for Visual Nature Studio 2
(Video and HTML)

  1. Getting Started
  2. Animation Basics
  3. Terrain Basics
  4. Remote Imagery
  5. Fields and Forest
  6. Lakes and Streams
  7. Roads
  8. GIS Basics
  9. Sky and Clouds
  10. Render and Post Process

Optional support files ZIPfile for VNS 2 Tutorials.

VNS 2 Scene Express Tutorials (HTML only)

  1. NatureView Express
  2. VRML
  3. 3ds Max
  4. VTP
  5. Lightwave
  6. GIS
  7. OpenFlight
  8. VNS
  9. FBX