3D Nature's Components CD for SketchUp®
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Sample Images, (c) 3D Nature LLC

Download and try out the five samples (of the five images shown above).

3D Nature is pleased to announce the availability of their extensive foliage library for SketchUp® 5 and 6 users! These Components will work with both the Professional and free versions of SketchUp!

Containing almost 1100 images, this collection includes evergreen and leafy trees, bushes, small plants, tropical vegetation and flowers. As a bonus, some useful and whimsical non-foliage items are included, such as a large set of street signs, animals, and even a few garden gnomes! Every object is pre-made as a face-me SketchUp component, ready to drag & drop into SketchUp scenes. Browse and select components quickly with the included color PDF thumbnail booklet. Add life and realism to your outdoor environments today with the 3D Nature Components library for SketchUp for only $199. On sale now for only $129 for a limited time. Order today!

Note: These are not fully-3D plant and tree models.
These are 2D photos of plants and trees that are applied with a
"face-me" operation to make them turn to face the viewer at all times.

If you use or are interested in SketchUp, we'd like to draw your attention to 3D Nature's other cool products, which incidentally, work great with SketchUp!

We make World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio, two extremely powerful tools for landscape visualization for Landscape Architects, Golf Course Designers, Civil Engineers, Land Planners, Foresters and other GIS professionals. Our tools work great with GIS software like ESRI's ArcGIS, and Scene Express now has the ability to export to Google Earth! We even have our own realtime viewing tool (kinda like Google Earth) called NatureView Express, that's designed for the kind of up-close high-detail realistic scenes you can't really do in Google Earth. All of our products can import models you make in SketchUp Pro by way of the OBJ file format. Check 'em out!


Check out the thumbnail sheets below:

This product is a data CD, and will work equally well on any platform SketchUp runs on. Requires SketchUp 5 or later.

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