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NatureView is 3D Nature's high-performance realtime 3D viewer technology, designed from the ground up to support highly detailed, realistic 3D landscape scenes such as those created by World Construction Set (WCS) and Visual Nature Studio (VNS) with the Scene Express add-on. NatureView can handle complex scenes with tens of thousands of pieces of vegetation, beautiful texturing, easy navigation and animation capabilities. With a refined user-interface, excellent performance and compact and easy download and install, NatureView is the viewer of choice for 3D landscape visualization.

Visit our NatureView Express samples for downloadable examples of NatureView scenes!

Features and Advantages:



The latest version of NatureView Express is always available for download here: (approximately 1Mb, compressed)


Advanced Options:

Advanced configuration options for NatureView Express are described here.


Extended Developer Edition

NatureView is also available in an Extended Developer Edition that can be enhanced in a variety of ways for custom and embedded applications. Either 3D Nature or other developers can extend NatureView to provide realtime control of entities within the scene (3D objects, cameras, etc), display live data in the 3D environment (Info text, 3D Labels, etc) and otherwise integrate NatureView to be the realtime 3D visualization component of larger systems. NatureView can be configured to run multi-display systems as well, including panoramic and video wall systems as well as CAVE-type installations. NatureView's User Interface skin can be customized and skinned for embedded applications, including only the controls you need, arranged precisely to your requirements. The Developer Edition is typically licensed on a per-seat basis for embedded applications, and can also be licensed for special redistribution purposes. Build your next 3D application on top of NatureView's proven 3D Landscape Visualization Technology today!

NatureView Express is included free with Scene Express.

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