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Land Planning

Katy Appleton Ed Armstrong
Mike Mundy Erik Crews
Agricultural Planning
Katy Appleton
Sports Complex Visualization
Ed Armstrong
Proposed Walkway Preview
Mike Mundy
Forestry Cut Planning
Erik Crews

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Land Planners the world over have chosen WCS and VNS as their tools for visualizing forestry cuts, reclamation projects, recreational park design, agricultural planning and other projects before they are implemented. You can visualize before and after scenes to demonstrate how a project impacts the surrounding area before changes are made. You are now able to create posters, illustrations and animations with powerful photorealism and GIS accuracy. Present various options to the public or the approval committee.

Now, World Construction Set 6 and Visual Nature Studio 2 both include the Content CD. This CD contains several full projects for you to use as well as hundreds of components to use within your projects. There are several new types of foliage and 3D Objects galore!

3 CDs worth of step by step training materials get you up and running quickly. More detailed information is available through the online reference manual.

Visual Nature Studio and World Construction Set satisfy the needs of Land Planners at two different levels. Visual Nature Studio gives you greater power, precision and flexibility plus some extra features that WCS doesn't have. World Construction Set is great for concept development where scientific and geographic accuracy are of lesser importance. Both programs give you the ultimate in artistic expression and photo-realism.. If you would like to learn more about the differences between WCS and VNS visit our Product Comparison Page.

If you would like to receive more information on WCS, VNS or Scene Express, you can request or download a brochure. Download a free Demo Version of our software.

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