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Cherylin Drew Ken fairhurst Gary Huber Erik Crews
Pre-Cut Visualization
Cherylin Drew
Harvestable Timber Visualization
Ken Fairhurst
Forestry Visualization
Gary Huber
Forest Cut Planning
Eric Crews

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Forestry Demo Reel 

Forestry 2005 Show Reel

This collection of images and animations was put together for the Society of American Foresters event. Works were contributed by 3D Nature customers from around the world.

Forestry Case Study 

Big Horn Forest Case Study

This is a case study write up of a beetle kill mitigation project in the Big Horn National Forest in Wyoming. .


Whether you are creating visualizations for approval on a new clear cut, exploring the options for forestry work, researching the ecological effects of a kill area mitigation or making educational materials to share with the public, 3D Nature provides tools that are designed to be used in all Forestry applications.

Visual Nature Studio and World Construction Set satisfy the needs of Forestry and Resource Managers at two different levels. Visual Nature Studio gives you greater power, precision and flexibility plus some extra features that WCS doesn't have. World Construction Set is great for concept development where scientific and geographic accuracy are of lesser importance. Both programs give you the ultimate in artistic expression and photo-realism.. If you would like to learn more about the differences between WCS and VNS visit our Product Comparison Page.

If you would like to receive more information on WCS, VNS or Scene Express, you can request or download a brochure. Download a free Demo Version of our software.

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