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Upcoming Events

3D Nature Academy Training Session

Please join us for the next 3DNA September 15-19, 2008. Space is limited so register now!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about World Construction Set or Visual Nature Studio? Are there things you'd like to do with the program but don't know how? Are your images and animations as good as you think they could be? Are you charging competitively for your WCS or VNS work?.

If you have questions, you're not alone. Every day people ask us if there is somewhere they can get additional WCS and VNS training.

The upcoming session will focus on World Construction Set, Visual Nature Studio and Scene Express.

Updates on Past Events

ZPE Downunder Training 2008

ZPE Downunder 2008 was held 1st-6th June 2008 at Cedar Creek Falls Retreat in Queensland. Nestled in rainforest, high on the slopes of the D'Aguilar Range west of Brisbane, it proved to be the ideal meeting venue.

Despite the fact that we had more rain in the first few days than anyone could have predicted, and enough to flood the road into and out of the venue (thus cutting us off for a couple of days!), the venue, and the hospitality of our hosts were second to none, and we got a lot done in the 5 days.

3D Nature Open House and User's Meeting, September 6, 2007

3D Nature is excited to announce an Open House and User's Meeting on Thursday September 6.

WCS and VNS users are invited to bring projects to discuss and potential customers are invited to come learn more about the software and meet and talk to members of the development team and 3D Nature staff. What better way to determine if 3D Nature's tools fit your needs than to talk to current users right within your community!

There is a significant amount of road construction in our area so we highly recommend that you contact our office some time the week of September 1 to find out what roads are closed and how best to get here.

Software demonstrations will be ongoing from 1:00 until 5:00. Please drop us an email and let us know what type of work you do so that we can be sure to have appropriate demonstration materials available.

User's Group Meeting will officially begin at 4:00 and will go until 8:00.

We look forward to seeing you!

Consultants Forestiers DGR Inc. to Attend Carrefour de la recherche forestière

The Carrefour de la recherche forestière is a meeting organized periodically in Québec (Canada) for researchers and other forestry sector players, including those with an interest in forest wildlife.

Guy Asselin of DGR will be attendong the event and speaking with others about the use of VNS in forest related projects on September 19 and 20.

For more information visit the event's web page.

VNS training course in The Netherlands, August 21 through 23, 2007

From August 21st until 23rd, Red Geographics hosted a Visual Nature Studio training course in Willemstad, The Netherlands.

Students from The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Austria spent 3 days under the guidance of Adam Hauldren and Hans van der Maarel, learning a great deal about VNS.

Attendee Michael Greiner said, "It's impossible to stay quiet when there's a need to say thank you as well for excellent VNS training and a wonderful time in the Netherlands! Kudos to Hans and Adam for organising and holding such an interesting training session and of cours cheers to my fellow participants! It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Spring 2007 3D Nature Academy Training Session

3D Nature Academy Spring 2007 was be held April 22-27 at the beautiful Peaceful Valley Ranch in Colorado. This five day training session was avery educational week and we even made time for some fun too!

For more information or to register for an upcoming session click here.

National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Education Conference: Backyards and Beyond

3D Nature's Chris Hanson presented an hour-long seminar, "Educating Stakeholders Using Fire Mitigation Visualization" to a packed audience at the National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Education Conference, Nov 2 2006 in Denver, Colorado.

Chris discussed "Why Visualize Mitigation?" and "Why VNS Visualization", and showed an example of using available USGS and USDA Forest Service enterprise data and prescriptions to make a visualization of a sensitive study area in the mountains of Colorado, start to finish. This demonstration showed the use of DEMs, orthophotos, landcover data, vegetation and treatment polygons and road networks.

View the slides from Chris' presentation.

IUFRO Conference in Italy

3-D Visualization Techniques: Simulating Forest Landscape Patterns, Processes, and Consequences of Human Management

In collaboration with 3D Nature, LLC., Ken Fairhurst of RDI provided an afternoon pre-conference workshop on VNS at the IUFRO Conference on Simulating Forest Landscape Patterns, Processes, and Consequences of Human Management. The workshop moderator was Dr. Robert Brown, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph, Canada.

The IUFRO Conference was held September 25-29, 2006, at the University of Bari, and nearby at Locorotondo, Italy. The conference examined how forest landscapes are multi-functional systems, how ecological functions are influenced by natural and cultural patterns, and explored how culture affects forest landscapes and, in turn, how landscapes influence human culture.

Working with a live VNS project, Ken demonstrated the many applications and benefits of computerized 3- and 4-dimensional visualization of the real world that would be useful to the conference theme. These ranged from portrayal of individual and cumulative visual impacts of proposed short term land-use seen from specific viewpoints and along viewing paths, to research on the long term effects of climate change and other forces of change in the environment. It was shown how VNS provides a two-way integration between landscape ecology and social science (including aesthetics, perception, cultural and historical aspects).

It was demonstrated how the visualization output of VNS is an excellent learning and communication medium - an ideal means to convey complex relationships in a way that people, including academic researchers, resource managers, regulatory agencies, stakeholders, and the lay public, find familiar and easier to understand.

Participants were familiarized with the tools that come with VNS and how they were used to depict terrain, land cover, landscape patterns and processes, how to create multi-layered textured environments from known inventory, and how to structure future worlds based on the Rules of Nature™ inherent within the VNS program.

Participants were informed of the broad array of data input types for terrain, land cover and landuse including aerial and satellite imagery, with a variety of geographic projections in one project. Automated techniques for project development were explored, including the Forestry Wizard, and the potential for integration with ecosystem models, forest planning models as is currently being carried out at UBC.

Participants became familiar with output visualization options, including fixed image, 360° panoramas, animations over time and space, and real time exploration with Scene Express.

There was an open forum in which the potential for visualization was explored by the participants.

A significant accomplishment took place at the workshop when it was demonstrated how to link to pattern recognition tools of eCognition and LIDAR terrain generation (presented at the first workshop of the conference) and VNS. At Ken's encouragement, the presenters, Richard Lucas and Peter Bunting from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK, produced a first ever typing by height of stands from individual tree heights that were simply imported into VNS. The 1 metre LIDAR data provided the terrain for the VNS project, imported as ArcAscii. Their presentation can be found on the conference website.

EarthSLOT Conference

3D Nature's Chris Hanson presented a short seminar on realtime 3D landscape tools and authoring at the First Annual Virtual Globes Scientific Users Conference in Boulder Colorado.

Chris compared the advantages and weak points of several landscape-capable realtime tools including Google Earth, WorldWind, NatureView and VRML, as well as a speculative overview of what ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer will most likely offer. Chris demonstrated the advantages of using a common authoring package (Visual Nature Studio with Scene Express 2) to target all of the diverse platforms. This allows the user to select which viewing tool is optimal for each application, instead of being locked into one authoring tool and viewer. View a copy of his presentation.

For more information visit the event's web page.

Spring 2006 3D Nature Academy Training Session

3D Nature Academy Spring 2006 was held April 9-14 at the beautiful Peaceful Valley Ranch in Colorado. This training session was a five day, hands on, intensive experience that covered WCS, VNS and Scene Express. We had a smaller class this time to ensure more one on one time for students.

For more information or to register for a future session click here.

3D Nature Attended the Society of American Foresters National Convention

3D Nature was proud to participate in the Society of American Foresters 2005 National Convention in Fort Worth, Texas October 19-23. We had the opportunity to meet with many of our current customers and talk with other foresters about how Visual Nature Studio might fit into their projects.

We also took this chance to announce our new USDA Forest Service Blanket Purchase Approval to the forestry community.

More information about this event is available here.

3D Nature at the 2005 American Society of Landscape Architects Event

3D Nature attended the ASLA's EXPO for the first time this year in booth 2324. It was great seeing everyone!

More information about this event is available here.

3D Nature Presents at Denver University

3D Nature was honored to present at a DU's Geotechnology Seminar Series in the Virtual Landscape Mapping seminar. Chris Hanson gave a half-hour overview of the capabilities of 3D Nature's Visual Nature Studio and NatureView Express products, followed by a more extensive workshop on creating a complete vegetated virtual model of the Denver University campus using VNS and Scene Express.

This campus model will be made available soon as a downloadable NatureView demo scene.

3D Nature Exhibits and Presents at USFS/BLM Tools Conference, Phoenix

3D Nature's Chris Hanson exhibited and presented at the well-attended combination US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management "Resource Management Tools & Geospatial Conference" in Phoenix Arizona, April 18-22nd, 2005. 3D Nature was grateful to be able to present the results of a recent insect infestation treatment visualization for the Bighorn National Forest near Sheridan, Wyoming (Region 2). Following a presentation about the R2Veg toolkit by Frank Romero and Ed Biery of the USFS, Chris displayed visualizations created using a vegetation base layer created with R2Veg.

The case study of these results is available here.

3D Nature Academy Spring 2005 Training Session

The stunning beauty of Peaceful Valley Ranch was the home of the Spring 2005. We were happy to host many professionals from the USDA Forest Service as well as from multiple universities. It was a please to work with all of you and we look forward to seeing what you create with the software.

Dates for the Fell 2005 session will be announced in May 2005. For more information or to register click here.

3D Nature Academy Autumn 2004 Training Session

3D Nature Academy was once again held at the breathtaking Peaceful Valley Ranch in Colorado. Students were treated to a light snowfall on Monday that enhanced the fall colors on the surrounding Aspen trees for the remainder of the week.

Attendees from many professions gathered for this week long hands on training session. Foresters, Cartographers, Artists and Land Planners alike found the session to be beneficial.

Richard Baron (an independent WCS and VNS Consultant) said, "Course was wonderful and well worth the money."

Faerthen Felix of UCS Sagehen Creek Field Station said, "Very knowledgeable, effective and friendly staff. Good communication and organization pre-session."

Kellie O'Neill of the US Forest Service said, "2 instructors watching and helping us (in addition to the one leading the session) " keep up was helpful and being able to work at night with the instructors was awesome. I loved your enthusiastic presentation!

Dates for the Spring 2005 session will be March 27 through April 1. For more information or to register click here.

Click here to register or learn for more details about this session.

ZPE Europe Training Seminar

Students of ZPE Europe were treated to an amazing environment for their five day session. Instructors Scott Scherba and Adam Hauldren worked well into the night with students on many occasions to make sure the session was as beneficial as possible for all attendees.

Session for 2005 is in the planning stage and dates will be announced soon.

Please note that this is not a 3D Nature training session but both of the currently scheduled instructors (Scott Cherba and Adam Hauldren) are long time 3D Nature product users and Certified Instructors.

Click here for more details about this session.

3D Nature Exhibited at Siggraph 2004

Staff from 3D Nature had the opportunity to attend this year's event in Los Angeles California from August 10-12. The newest developments in Realtime 3D terrain visualization with our add on tool Scene Express was demonstrated.

It was a pleasure to meet so many of our current customers and find out what they are using our tools for. It is always great to meet the people who's support has allowed us to create 3D Landscape Technology for over 11 years.

Next year's event will again be held in Los Angeles California. 3D Nature will be there in booth 1365 again next year. For more information visit the SigGraph web site.

3D Nature Meets with German Customers at Screen and Paper

Chris Hanson worked closely with a few Screen and Paper customers to teach them how to make their VNS projects more successful. It was an educational day for all as we were able to learn what needs customers have for future tools from 3D Nature.

Thank you to all of the staff at Screen and Paper for making our stay so wonderful and for opening your homes to us. We look forward to visiting again in the future.

3D Nature Meet and Greet at eXQte in Netherlands 

On May 3rd 2004, eXQte hosted a 3D Nature Meet and Greet, with special guests Chris Hanson and Mindy Bieging of 3D Nature. World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio users visited and shared their projects and recent work. This was a great opportunity for us to meet some of our European customers and for them to meet each other and talk about future collaborations.

Special thank you to all of the staff at eXQte for making our stay so wonderful and for taking time from their lives to show us around the beautiful country they call home.

3D Nature Attends UK GIS Event 

3D Nature was excited to attend the GISRUK event at the University of East Anglia, Norwich UK from April 28th to 30th. We had the opportunity to meet with GIS Professional from around the European Community and the world during this seminar along with many current customers.

Many of the presentations during the sessions as well as during the Visualization Challenge included work done with WCS 6 and VNS 2 along with some Scene Express sample work.

We would like to thank all of the individuals who worked so hard to make this conference such a successful event.

For information about the 2005 session visit the Conference's Web Page.

IGE Exhibited at Geomatics Event in Paris

Information Géographique et Environment attended the 16th European meeting on Geomatics at the "Palais des congrès " in Paris March 30 through April 1. Details to follow soon.

3D Nature at The Geotec Event in Toronto

For the sixth year, 3D Nature attended GeoTec. Demonstrations included World Construction Set 6, Visual Nature Studio 2, Scene Express, NatureView Express and some exciting new technology.

It was a pleasure to meet with some current customers. It is always a pleasure to meet with our customers and learn more about how they are using 3D Nature's tools.

Special thanks to Jeff Nighbert at the BLM in Washington for using Visual Nature Studio 2 to create all of the imagery used in the GeoTec Event's promotional materials. View more of Jeff's work here.

3D Nature Attended USDA Forest Service Seminar

3D Nature attended the Visualization Simulation in Resource Management Course in Cincinnati Ohio March 11 and 12. The focus of the course was visualization for natural resource management on National Forest lands.

3D Nature's newest technology designed specifically for the Forestry professional was debuted and very well received. This new technology will be publicly debuted at the GeoTec Event in Toronto the last week of March.

We would like to thank the United States Forest Service for inviting us to attend this event. We look forward to working with you all in the future.

3D Nature Academy Spring 2004

This spring's 3D Nature Academy was held March 15 through 19 at the beautiful Peaceful Valley Ranch. The five day session brought an in depth learning experience for individuals from the United States, Canada and Europe.

The first morning of class students created a mountainous desert scene as they began their exploration of Terraffectors, Components, Foliage and Ecosystem Placement, Rules of Nature and DEM creation. Although the scenes are generally the same (Students were taken through how to create them from scratch.) Attendees places the lakes on their own, and selected the sky from Component Options included with WCS 6 and VNS 2. Here are some of the images they created.

More images and information will be added soon.

For information about upcoming sessions visit our Training Page.

GeoGrafica Demonstrates VNS at ASITA

GeoGrafica (Authorized 3d Nature Reseller in Italy attended the 7th ASITA National Conference. This was an excellent opportunity for GIS professions to discuss the use of 3D Nature's product in their individual projects. Marco Gualdrini, the GeoGrafica representative that was at the event is a long time WCS and VNS User who has a wealth of knowledge to share with potential clients.

Scene Express, the new Realtime tools for use with WCS 6 VNS 2 was unveiled at this show to great public response.

3D Nature would like to thank Marco and GeoGrafica for attending this event and helping the Italian market to learn more about 3D Nature's tools.

For more information about this event visit www.asita.it

3D Nature Exhibited at Siggraph 2003

Staff from 3D Nature attended this year's event in San Diego California from July 29-31.

We were excited to be able to debut Scene Express during the show and appreciated all of the positive feedback we received.

We appreciated all of you who stopped by and introduced yourselves to us and showed us the work you have done using WCS and VNS. It is always great to meet the people who's support has allowed us to create 3D Landscape Technology for over 10 years.

Next year's event will be held in Los Angeles California. For more information visit the SigGraph web site.

VNS 2 and WCS 6 Demonstrated at BLM Annual Conference

3D Nature was invited to exhibit at the annual BLM event in Phoenix Arizona. Chris Hanson, Vice President of Research and Development, attended the event and discussed possible uses of 3d Nature's products in various Government Agencies.

Jeff Nighbert, Scott Cherba and others gave presentations during the event that highlighted how they are successfully using World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio in their daily work.

We would like to thank the BLM for including us in this event again this year and will look forward to seeing you all next year.

3D Nature Reseller ExQte to Attend NGL Congress

A booth has been confirmed at the NGL congress (better known as Geodesia congress) in the Netherlands October 22-24.

ExQte has also reserved the auditorium at that event for a short demonstration.

For more information or to schedule a meeting during the event please contact Hans van der Maarel.

3D Nature Academy Spring 2003

This year's 3D Nature Academy attendees braved the remnants of a Colorado Blizzard to attend the session. (Over seven feet of snow had fallen at Peaceful Valley Ranch the week before the session.) Students came from the U.S, Canada, Great Britian and Sweden to take advantage of this 5 day hands on course.

Tim Hayes said, "Overall, the course was great. I have not been to training before where the company cared so much about making sure you learned what you wanted to learn. The availability of the staff was awesome."

For information about upcoming session visit our Training Page.

VNS Demonstrated at University

On April 15th, Hans van der Maarel and Martin Janssen of eXQte, Dutch reseller of 3D Nature products, put together a presentation for students of Groningen University. This presentation was part of a seminar organized by the University to offer students a chance to see what different companies in the geographical/spatial planning world had to offer.

During the presentations by eXQte, Visual Nature Studio was demonstrated and it's different applications, with emphasis on the Dutch market.

GeoTec 2003 a Great Success

"A Spirit of Collaboration" was the theme of this year's event held March 16-19 in Vancouver Canada. 3D Nature Company President Gary Huber attended the conference and met with many current and potential customers. As always, it was nice to put faces with the names and voices of those who we work with regularly. It was also a pleasure to discuss the capabilities of WCS 6 and VNS 2 with potential clients.

We will look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

3D Nature debuts WCS6 at SigGraph 2002!

Siggraph was a successful event for 3D Nature. Attendees were treated to live demonstrations of the new World Construction Set 6 and were able to see many images and animation created with the new version of the software.

As always, it was a treat to get to meet so many current Users and Resellers. We always enjoys having faces to match the names that we come to know.

Next year's event will be in San Diega California. If you would like to see information about this show, visit SigGraph.org.

Spring 2002 3D Nature Academy: A Busy Place To Be!

Attendees at the Spring Training are taking advantage of all that the course has to offer, and more! Chris Hanson, 3D Nature programmer, dug right in Monday morning to explain several features in World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio. Students were guided through a complete tour of the interface and they were given many tips and tricks that will make the using the program easier! Tuesday night, several students were still found in the conference room working with the instructors on hand at 2:45 in the morning!

The picture to the right is the class participating in a Nature Walk to observe aspects of nature that relate to how WCS and VNS actually work. This first hand learning experience in the beautiful Roosevelt National Forest makes the training session enjoyable as attendees get natural inspiration of more images to create in class, while still learning the program.

To see information about upcoming training sessions and more pictures of the current training session, go to the Training Page.


3D Nature at GIS 2002 in Toronto!

3D Nature featured Visual Nature Studio this year at the GEOTec event. The focus of the conference this year was A Passion for Exploration: The Global Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial Technology, Tools and Solutions. The GEOTec Event featured three core conferences for geospatial technology professionals and spatial information intelligence managers. These were GIS 2002, Location in a Wireless World, and Business Geographics Conference.

If you would like to see information about this show, visit GeoPlace.com.

Autumn 2001 3DNA Full of New Information

The recent session of 3D Nature Academy held in October of 2001 was a popular place to be, even considering the events of the previous month. A few attendees decided to postpone their journey to Colorado until 2002, but those that were able to make it said that it was very worth their time.

Although the main focus of the course was on WCS, attendees were able to get a sneak preview of the NEW Visual Nature Studio in the evenings. With the smaller class size, everyone was able to have plenty of assistance to understand all of the topics that were covered.

Attendee Rob Beachler said, "GREAT class! I really enjoyed the week and couldn't have gotten started as quickly with WCS without the class."

For more information about upcoming classes, visit the Training page.

GEOgrafica of Italy at the ASITA Conference

GEOgrafica of Italy, featured Visual Nature Studio in their booth at the ASITA Conference, "Quality in Geographic Information" in Rimini, Italy. This trade show will took place October 9-12, 2001. Marco Gualdrini attended this show and was demonstrating VNS and WCS for interested parties. If you would like to see more information about this show, visit the ASITA web site.

WCS featured at the GeoDesia Conference 2001!

World Construction Set Dealers, eXQte of the Netherlands, featured WCS in their booth at the GeoDesia Conference in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. This trade show took place October 24-26, 2001. Hans van der Maarel attended this show and demonstrated WCS for interested parties. If you have any questions about this show, please send a message to Hans or visit the Geodesia web site.

3D Nature Open House!

On Friday, September 21, 2001 the 3D Nature staff hosted an open house in our main office for interested parties. Several people attended who were interested to learn more about WCS or VNS. Local users also attended to talk about how they use these products in their daily work. Demonstrations of the new program Visual Nature Studio were given all evening.

3D Nature will hold another Open House in a few months, check back here for details.

3D Nature stayed busy at the GIS in the Rockies show!

This show was held at the Denver Merchandise Mart in Denver, CO from September 18-20, 2001. The 3D Nature booth was full of interested parties and several users that stopped by to see new features of VNS.

Visit the GIS in the Rockies web site for information and details on this show.

The theme of this GIS show was "Convergence of Information & Geography for Everyone".

3D Nature also attended this show last year and had a great response. We will look forward to being there again next year. Look here for more information as the time approaches.

3D Nature represented at NACIS

The Eleventh North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS XXI) annual meeting was held in Portland, Oregon from October 3-6, 2001.

3D Nature products were represented at this show by the BLM and other companies.

Visit the NACIS web site for more information on this show.


SigGraph 2001, A Huge Success!

For the sixth year in a row, 3D Nature attended SigGraph, the largest computer graphics conference in the world! This year the trade show was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 14-16, 2001.

World Construction Set was featured in Booth 1066, and the crowds were flowing out into the aisle for most of the show. Many current and potential users came by the 3D Nature booth to see the latest features in WCS 5 at work. The 3D Nature staff was on hand answering questions and giving demos of the program. The new poster images that were displayed caught the attention of many attendees, even those that hadn't heard of WCS before were very intrigued.

Scott Cherba, author of "Getting to know World Construction Set V5" training videos and CD's, was also on hand to meet current WCS artists' and to help answer questions for interested parties. Scott has recently become a certified WCS Instructor and WCS Dealer in Arizona. We would like to extend a big Thank You to Scott for contributing to the success of the show.

Pictures will be coming soon!

3D Nature has already booked a booth for SigGraph 2002 in San Antonio, Texas. Check back here for more information in the upcoming months. We will look forward to seeing you there!


3D Nature Academy Spring 2001

Many people attended the Spring Session of WCS Training, as you can see from the full classroom above. Adam Hauldren and Scott Cherba were on hand in the classroom to help answer individual questions while the technical staff of 3D Nature were teaching about the program. Everyone was pleased to be able to receive personal attention during the training and found all of the information very useful.

This class consisted of students from New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and various corners of the US. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the time at Peaceful Valley Ranch. Attendees were able to learn about the environment with natural inspirations during the Nature walk with 3D Nature President, Gary Huber.

Photos taken by Adam Hauldren

We would like to welcome Scott Cherba and Adam Hauldren to the WCS Dealer Network, and to the team of Certified Instructors! Also, a big Thank You to everyone who participated in pulling off another successful 3D Nature Academy!

We are now accepting registrations for the Spring 2002 3D Nature Academy back at Peaceful Valley Ranch. Please register now as this class is also filling up very fast. You can call our Sales Department for more information on this popular event.

3D Nature Open House and User's Group Meeting

3D Nature hosted an Open House and User's Group Meeting in our Arvada Colorado office on Tuesday May 22 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

Current Users of World Construction Set brought videos, CDs and Posters to show off what they have been working on. It is always interesting to see what our current user base is doing with the software! Several potential users also made an appearance to get more information and a demo of Version 5.

Check back here for information and dates on future meetings and the next Open House.

3D Nature shows WCS 5.5 during BLM National Workshop 2001

Image to follow soon.

April 24-26, members of the 3D Nature team were on hand at the annual Bureauwide GIS Workshop meeting in Phoenix, AZ. It was a pleasure to meet so many interested parties and answer questions about how WCS would fit their professional terrain visualization needs.

Jeff Nighbert of BLM Oregon gave a presentation about how their office relies on WCS for data visualization and photorealistic images that the public can more easily understand. What did Jeff have to say?

"WCS is a new frontier in the realm of technology. If you show this (referring to a WCS rendering of a highway) or a map with double dashed line to the public, what do you think they will like and understand? The answer is the rendering."

"We at the BLM spent 15 years digitizing waterways, elevation lines and roads off topo maps to get the information into the computer. Using our current tools, what do we get back out of the computer? The topo map!"

3D Nature wants to extend a special Thank You to Jeff for taking the time to tell his fellow BLM employees about WCS.

3D Nature Open House and User's Group Meeting

3D Nature hosted an Open House and User's Group Meeting in our Arvada Colorado office on Tuesday March 13 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

Current Users of World Construction Set brought videos, CDs, Posters etc. to show off what they have been working on. It is always interesting to see what our current user base is doing with the software!

Congratulations to Scott Williams who won our door prize for the evening. He is putting his free Content CD to use in some of the new images that he is creating.

The next Open House and User's Group Meeting will be on Tuesday May 22 beginning at 3pm. Please RSVP by May 18 so that we have enough refreshments for all.

3D Nature Attends GIS 2001

The 3D Nature booth at this year's show was overflowing with interested parties. Demonstrations of World Construction Set were given and many people learned how WCS could meet their professional needs. Current and potential users stopped by to learn the newest information about the industry leading landscape technology.

Ken Fairhurst from Resource Design Inc. and Bruce Bergman from ViewScape 3D both helped Adrianne Edwards of 3D Nature in the booth and gave presentations about how WCS is used in many GIS and forestry fields.

It was a pleasure to meet all of you who stopped by the booth and we look forward to working with you in the future.

3D Nature User's Group Meeting and Open House attracts many

Tuesday October 24, 2000, 3D Nature held the second Open House and User's Group Meeting at our main office in Arvada Colorado.

Several WCS Users and Dealers made the trip to share their current projects with the 3D Nature staff and get input on their work. There were also several new faces of people just hearing about WCS who wanted to come and see the latest features in Version 5.2 demonstrated and ask questions regarding different uses of WCS and whether or not it would fit their needs.

Everyone that attended went home with either new knowledge and tips to make WCS work easier or a new piece of software! Overall, it was a great night learning and working with World Construction Set Version 5.

GIS in the Rockies 2000 Convention Features WCS

3D Nature attended the 2000 GIS in the Rockies convention September 26 and 27. Attendees saw the WCS work of many of their professional colleagues. The reception for WCS was outstanding! It was a pleasure to speak with so many front range GIS professionals in one place. Individuals from Land Planning, Resource Management and Remote Sensing fields, both private and public sectors saw how WCS fits into their industry.

James Zack of Xtra Spatial Productions presented his Rocky Mountain National Park, Moraine Park Climate Change project which featured WCS previews of the effects of climate changes in Colorado. Many of his audience stopped by 3D Nature's booth after the presentation to scrutinize his images in detail.

We invite all of you that were at the Conference to come to our Open House on October 24 to gain more WCS knowledge.

3D Nature Academy Autumn 2000 Brings Snow to the Rockies!

Attendees of the Autumn Training session were inspired by the dynamic introduction of Fall in Colorado. Aspen leaves turning gold against a crystal blue sky greeted the members of this class. Within two days a snow storm dusted the Ranch located in Roosevelt National Forest.

As always attendees worked with 3D Nature staff late into the night on their individual projects. We focused on new ideas and concepts to make work within WCS easier and more effective. New users and returning guests were both enlightened with vast amounts of information.

Our next session will be held during the Spring of 2001 at Peaceful Valley Ranch. We already have many registrations so make sure that you sign up soon!

Our next training session will be held during the Spring of 2001.

3D Nature to show WCS Version 5.2 at GIS in the Rockies Expo

World Construction Set will be shown at the GIS in the Rockies, Application in the 21st Century Convention, in Denver Colorado on September 26 and 27. 3D Nature staff members will be on hand to discuss the capabilities of the software with GIS Professionals.

For more information on the show visit the GIS in the Rockies web page.

World Construction Set Version 5 Wows Crowds at SigGraph 2000

3D Nature demonstrated the newest World Construction Set 5.2 at SigGraph this year. Many of our staff were on hand to answer questions while attendees saw the capabilities of this new version of the software. This year's festivities were held in the beautiful French Market in New Orleans.

We were proud to display beautiful WCS posters and animation's by artists from around the world. Featured Works were provided by Al Magliochetti of Eye Candy, MiraMax Films, Stennis Space Center, Hawaiian Airlines, Mike Swinford of Up Late Studio, Sam Bowling of Third Dimension Illustration, Adam Hauldren of N-Light Ltd in the UK, Marco Gualdrini of GEOgrafica in Italy and many others. We thank you all for your contributions.

It was a pleasure to meet all of the WCS artists that stopped by the booth to say hello. It is always nice to have faces to go with the names.

A special thank you to Adam Hauldren from the N-Light Ltd. in the UK for all of his assistance on the show floor and to Carrera Computers for supplying us with a fantastic demo machine.

We hope to see you all in Los Angeles next year!

3D Nature Academy Spring 2000 a huge success!

3D Nature's fourth official training session was a wonderful opportunity for attendees and staff alike to get to know more about WCS 5. We had a great time teaching many of the fantastic new techniques and features available in WCS 5.

It was great to meet so many talented folks using WCS in so many ways, including forestry visualization, magazine and newspaper illustration, museum installations, land management, cartography, engineering, golf course visualization, and video animation, and we can't wait to see what the class of 2000 creates over the coming months. Great group!

Thanks to everyone who participated: to Mindy, Adrianne and Holly for putting it all together; to Chris, Gary, Frank, Jamie and David Balcaen (of ViewScape 3D) for their excellent presentations and to the staff of Peaceful Valley Ranch for providing an excellent environment to learn in.

World Construction Set Version 5 debuted in Toronto at GIS 2000

Our thanks go to David Balcaen of ViewScape 3D for representing 3D Nature at this show.

He says, "The GIS EXPO2000 was a raging success by any measure. The World Construction Set booth was a show stopper, again. I was assisted in the booth by Mansoor Ma, and Karl-Josef Dirlewanger. The show was well attended with what seemed to me an increase in participants over last year. Version 5 was demoed and many oooohhs and aaaahhhs followed each rendering. The large poster images were head turners and many attendees came to just look at the images. Several other vendors at the exhibition were interested to have a tour of the new technology. Of note were the number of managers in attendance at the expo. These people immediately saw the value that accurate 3D renderings would bring to their present and future development projects. It appears that the usefulness of 3D land use simulation has come of age and people from many diverse fields of GIS were keenly interested and agreed that 3D visualization is the presentation method of choice. We also showed how Ecomodeler, a product produced by ViewScape 3D, works seamless with WCS 5 to build up models in WCS 5 from British Columbia land data. The trade show felt successful to me and the response to World Construction Set was, again, overwhelming.

3D Nature Academy Reaches Switzerland

February 4 and 5 Chris Hanson and Mindy Bieging of 3D Nature visited HSR in Rapperswil Switzerland for a two day WCS training session. The school's location and facilities were second only to the excitement in the classroom. Attendees spent the first day on a whirlwind tour of the basics of WCS V4.5. The second day was dedicated to answering specific questions for students about their projects.

We thank Peter Petschek for inviting us to work with his students and we look forward to a future session together.

Nature Inspires Learning

The Autumn 1999 3D Nature Academy (formerly Questar University) was held at the beautiful Peaceful Valley Ranch near Lyons Colorado November 3-6. Outstanding weather allowed attendees to enjoy afternoon hikes and horseback riding between training sessions. This provided everyone with natural inspiration and a chance to enjoy the stunning Roosevelt National Park. One forestry professional said, "Staying at the ranch was really enjoyable. The mountains are quite a beautiful setting."

Attendees brought a variety of WCS experience levels and professions to this session. Participants used WCS for forestry, animation, GIs, architecture, engineering and more. The group learned not only from the 3D Nature staff but also from instructors David Balcaen from Viewscape 3D of British Columbia, Canada, Jim Zack from GeoMega of Boulder, Colorado, and each other. Many conversations were held between attendees to discuss better and more efficient ways to use WCS. "Great experience! I learned so much that it is beyond words," said a Canadian attendee.

WCS user and dealer, Asle Skarpengland traveled from Norway for the four days of in-depth WCS training. He commented "Great course, great organization. Worth every minute." Other attendees came from across Canada and the United States to learn all they could in the comprehensive four-day seminar.

Everyone was either provided with a computer or brought their own, for an in-depth, hands-on approach. That made it easy to follow step-by-step procedures shown by instructors on a large projected screen. Some even worked on WCS projects at night on their own computers.

3D Nature would like to thank everyone who traveled to Colorado to learn more about World Construction Set. We greatly appreciate the contributions of featured instructors James A. Zack, Senior GIS Analyst and Multimedia Producer from Geomega, and David Balcaen, Forestry Visualization Consultant from ViewScape 3D; and 3D Nature team members Mindy Bieging, Adrianne Edwards, Chris Hanson, Gary Huber and Jamie Krutz. "I thought that it was good to have the head honchos there to learn directly from them," said one attendee.

News about upcoming 3D Nature Academy sessions is currently available on the training section of this web page. We look forward to seeing you all next time!

World Construction Set Featured at NACIS '99

World Construction Set was on the map at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) 1999 fall conference in Williamsburg, VA, October 17-19. The conference featured a World Construction Set workshop for professional cartographers. The workshop was taught by Professor Everett Wingert of the University of Hawaii.

Professor Wingert demonstrated how to apply the realism of WCS to common cartographic tasks. He discussed data management, creating shaded reliefs, and tips for terrain coloring and texturing. He also showed WCS techniques which may be new to many cartographers such as image drapes, 3D perspectives and vegetated surfaces.

The workshop was attended by representatives from universities, National Geographic Magazine, the National Park Service, and independent cartographers. Professor Wingert's workshop was "very impressive!" according to a cartographer who attended, and he adds that he looks forward to expanding his business with the capabilities of World Construction Set.

3D Nature at SigGraph '99

The 3D Nature booth was a popular place at SigGraph '99

The annual SigGraph trade show is traditionally a place where researchers, graphic artists and developers come together to share techniques and show off amazing eye candy. This year's show, which attracted more than 30,000 people to Los Angeles in August '99, was no exception.

It was clear from the papers presented at the show and the animation's screened in this year's Electronic Theater that the frontiers of computer graphics are moving forward at a rapid rate. 3D Nature was right at home, showing the many innovative features developed for the new World Construction Set 4.5 since the last SigGraph. This was our fourth SigGraph.

From the moment the show opened the 3D Nature booth filled with artists, filmmakers, government visualization specialists, game developers, university faculty and others from all over the world, all interested in the best tools for simulating and visualizing nature. Visitors included folks from Sony, Warner Brothers, Pixar, Disney, Adobe, NASA, Harvard, Nintendo, Boeing, the Royal Astronomical Society and many more.

A roving CNN camera crew caught some of the action and our booth was shown in one of their SigGraph reports.

It was great to catch up with the many WCS artists who stopped by to say "hi" and talk about upcoming WCS projects. The family of WCS users is growing rapidly as more and more people discover what WCS can do. Many new users ordered WCS on the spot.

The latest World Construction Set demo video showcased a wide variety of WCS projects. Show attendees watched impressive visualizations including feature film backdrops, natural resource planning, architecture, engineering, and artistic scenes. A big thanks to the talented WCS artists who provided footage for the demo!

On Tuesday evening 3D Nature was invited to present WCS to the Ozone user group. The theme of the meeting was animating nature and WCS was received with wild applause.

3D Nature was proud to make SigGraph the debut of our new company name. While "Questar Productions" has served us well for the last seven years, "3D Nature" is a name that better represents who we are and what we do. 3D Nature is a name we will be happy with for years to come as we continue to push the frontiers of terrain animation.

We are already making plans to attend SigGraph 2000, July 25-27 in New Orleans, LA. Contact us for free passes and come see us in the Big Easy!

SigGraph is an organization dedicated to advancing the state of the art in computer graphics. SigGraph stands for "Special Interest Group, Graphics."

Special thanks to Intergraph for providing their latest, fastest computers for our booth!

First Questar University Creates Excitement
WCS 4.6 Announced

The first Questar University, April 21-23, brought together a variety of WCS users for beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. Everyone came away with new ideas and techniques for making their WCS projects better. "I can't believe the possibilities opened up by the new texture engine" said one attendee.

Those at the conference worked in the areas of 3D animation, industrial visualization, game development, forestry, natural resource visualization, interactive media, engineering visualization, cartography, education, ecology management, GIS, wildfire management, community planning, golf course design, earthquake modeling, remote sensing, land use planning, and ecosystem restoration. Some brought work in progress to share with the group, and it was very impressive.

People came from across the USA and Canada. Universities represented included the University of Hawaii, University of Wisconsin and Harvard University. Others came from companies involved in forestry, engineering visualization, video production and game design, and several participants were from the U.S Geological Survey.

A few people took advantage of the Colorado skiing opportunity, but most spent all three days attending classes and networking with other WCS professionals. Some even worked on WCS projects at night on their own computers, and brought laptops to class.

Classes included a WCS introduction and overview; natural resource visualization applications; output options; GIS; 3D objects; terrain texturing; project building; specific WCS issues; tips from the masters; and more.

Several announcements were made, including the upcoming release of WCS 4.6. WCS 4.6 includes a new camera model for improved integration with external 3D programs. WCS 4.6 is a free update for registered WCS 4 users.

3D Nature would like to thank everyone who came to Colorado to learn more about World Construction Set. We look forward to seeing great things from these leading-edge artists and scientists.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the featured professors, James A. Zack, Senior GIS Analyst and Multimedia Producer from Geomega and David Balcaen, Forestry Visualization Consultant from ViewScape 3D. Also teaching and helping with the conference were WCS development team members Gary R. Huber, Chris Hanson, Jamie Krutz and Frank Weed. Thanks to team members Mindy Bieging and Adrianne Edwards for coordinating every aspect of the conference.

GDC 99 in San Jose shows WCS is Game

At the 1999 Game Developers Conference (GDC), cutting edge designers and programmers converged on our booth to see how WCS could boost their game-creation abilities. Among the thundering weaponry of the latest generation of action shooters and the pounding pulses of the avid attendees, 3D Nature demonstrated new technologies for game development with World Construction Set.

The GDC is a yearly gathering for game developers. This year it was held March 16, in San Jose, California.

World Construction Set has long been popular for creating compelling, photorealistic images, animation's and textures for game software. WCS has been used to create flight simulator backgrounds, accurate historical recreations, futuristic locations and realistic natural settings for a variety of top games.

"A high point of the show was meeting many of the faces behind the games." Said Chris Hanson of 3D Nature. "These are the folks who go out and see the possibilities before anyone else does, and then grab on to deliver a brand new experience to gamers everywhere."

Some of the games that already use WCS include Jane's Longbow 2 from Electronic Arts; The Lost Island of Alanna, for the Coca Cola company by Raintree Media; Duck Hunter Pro from HeadGames and Diversions Software, sponsored by Ducks Unlimited and Cheverolet; Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far from Atomic Games and Microsoft; Baldur's Gate from Interplay; Xan and the Cosmic Callbox from Digital Cafe; and Return to Krondor from Sierra.

3D Nature joined with Media Code (http://www.media-code.com) to demonstrate WCS and educate attendees about its many capabilities. Media Code is based in California with San Rafael and San Francisco locations, and is an authorized dealer of 3D Nature, Autodesk and Kinetix product lines.

World Construction Set was the only terrain animation program at the show. One non-GIS company, Animatek, had reserved a booth but failed to show up. Their booth sat empty.

3D Nature staff took the opportunity to discuss upcoming game technologies with developers and vendors of other products. "We're always looking for ways we can improve our interaction with other tools to streamline the production process," noted Hanson. "We look forward to pushing the envelope of multimedia and game creation."

We would like to thank Chris and Larry from Media Code for helping to make this show a success.

GIS 99, Vancouver Huge Success
Attendees see the "Future of GIS"

The "GIS 99" conference and expo brought together a wide range of GIS (Geographic Information System) specialists and vendors. It was held in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, March 2-4. Gary Huber of Questar Productions and consultant David Balcaen of Viewscape 3D were busy throughout the three day event demonstrating Questar's premier visualization program, World Construction Set.

The buzz on the show floor at GIS 99 was "Have you seen World Construction Set? As the buzz spread from booth to booth, down the aisles and out into the halls, exhibitors and attendees alike descended on the 3D Nature booth to see for themselves.

"Of the 2000-plus people registered for the show it feels like we showed WCS to the majority. Sometimes it felt like they were all in the booth at once. Everyone was very excited about what we were showing them," Huber said after the show. They'd leave the booth and come back a few minutes later with their friends and associates. Our reception was absolutely amazing. Everyone commented on the astounding realism of our imagery."

"I overheard one person watching our demo tape say to his friend 'we're looking at the future of GIS here.' I can't help but think he's right."

While this was a smaller show than some Questar has attended, the quality of attendees was very high. Many hailed from British Columbia with lesser numbers from other provinces, the US, Europe and Asia. Forestry visualization, particularly logging, was high on the list of many who stopped by the booth.

A major treat for the Questar team was to see the excellent WCS renderings exhibited by other vendors, most notably PCI Geomatics and Range-Bearing, both British Columbia companies offering integrated GIS solutions.

Quite a few WCS customers were at the show. "It was great to meet so many of our higher latitude users. A lot of them brought examples of their WCS work to share with us. Without exception we were pleased to see the high quality of the work they are producing," Huber said.

"Listening to customers is one of the most critical aspects of Questar's business approach, and trade shows offer one of the best places to do just that. We were pleased to hear how WCS is helping build business for many companies in the midst of difficult times for the logging industry. We were encouraged to hear that the new features in WCS version 4.5, especially texture mapping, had hit their mark in so many ways."

"Users we talked to were happy to find that our ears were also open when they expressed suggestions for new features and design refinements. New users will also find that we take their suggestions seriously."

If one clear message can be drawn from GIS 99 it is that the realism bar for geo-spatial visualization has been raised by several notches. Speaking for the entire team, Huber said "We are proud to have done the raising and look forward to doing so many more times in the future."

A further note: We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new GIS users. It is a pleasure to serve this growing share of our market as we continue to bring the "future of GIS" into reality.

Our thanks go to Adams Media/GeoWorld for sponsoring GIS 99 and to the people of Vancouver for their fine food and warm hospitality. We hope to see everyone again next year.

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