Content CD

Boulder Lake, (c) 2001 Gary Huber, 3D Nature LLC

This CD contains over 400 new Components, over 175 new foliage objects, over 75 new textures and 11 entire projects. This CD is included with every purchase of WCS6 and VNS. Think of how nice it will be to have that many new pre-designed items to choose from.

So, why would you need this CD? Almost anything you can think of included in a scene is here. This CD will make your life so much easier by having all of these pre-built components ready to use in your projects.

There are 11 entire Demo Projects, including the one pictured at the top of this page, that you can render from different perspectives or even animate. The CD also has a large variety of 3d Objects including boulders, buildings, aircraft, automobiles and much more!

This CD does not contain Tutorials. If you are interested in training tutorials plase go to the Training Page.

The list of materials is extensive, and includes materials for pathways, building textures, landscapes and more! This page contains an abbreviated list of what is on the CD.

We have now uploaded the entire lists for you to see. We have made it possible to view the entire list of new foliage objects or new Components. These are very large files so they may take a few minutes to download.

This Content CD is included with Visual Nature Studio at NO extra charge, visit the VNS Info Page for more information on this program.

Here are some of the comments that people have been sending us about the CD: