3D Nature Training Events and Materials

WCS 6 Box  

Have you ever wanted to learn more about World Construction Set or Visual Nature Studio? Are there things you'd like to do with the program but don't know how? Are your images and animations as good as you think they could be? Are you charging competitively for your WCS or VNS work?.

If you have questions, you're not alone. Every day people ask us if there is somewhere they can get additional WCS or VNS training. Now, 3D Nature is proud to offer:

3D Nature Academy Training Sessions

3D Nature Academy Training Session CD

Getting to Know VNS2 Advanced GIS Topics

You can also visit our Training Classifieds Page to find a WCS or VNS trainer in your area.

Visit 3DNWorld to find out if there are any tutorial topics of interest to you. 3D Nature has compiled a list of many Tips and Tutorials. Some are provided by 3D Nature staff, others are submitted by third parties. All are available free!